U14 League Fixtures

Division 3    
  Group 1    
Round 1 Mountnugent v Redhills
02/04/2012 Shercock v Killinkere
  Butlersbridge v Kildallan
  Lacken abye  
Round 2 Kildallan v Shercock  
05/04/2012 Redhills v Butlersbridge
  Killinkere v Lacken  
  Mountnugent abye  
Round 3 Butlersbridge v Mountnugent
14/04/2012 Shercock v Redhills  
  Lacken v Kildallan  
  Killinkere abye  
Round 4 Mountnugent v Shercock
19/04/2012 Redhills v Lacken  
  Kildallan v Killinkere
  Butlersbridge abye  
Round 5 Lacken v Mountnugent
03/05/2012 Shercock v Butlersbridge
  Killinkere v Redhills  
  Kildallan abye  
Round 6 Butlersbridge v Lacken
19/05/2012 Redhills v Kildallan  
  Mountnugent v Killinkere
  Shercock abye  
Round 7 Kildallan v Mountnugent
22/05/2012 Lacken v Shercock  
  Killinkere v Butlersbridge
  Redhills abye  

About killinkeregfc

Founded in 1929, we are a GAA club nestled in the South East of Cavan.

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